Top Quality Henna

With thousands of years of history behind it, henna has not lost any of the magic attributed to it in earlier times – it stains the skin but reaches the spirit. After a short design consultation, I will carefully prepare your skin for application of the henna paste. I take prides myself in only using the best quality henna mixed with other natural ingredients and essential oils to produce a beautiful dark mahogany stain.

Friendly and Hostile

I feel proud on myself for my professionalism, excellent customer care, and the friendly, relax atmosphere I offer to all my clients. My  clients usually say that I am the most friendly personality. Come and Experience yourself. 

Aftercare Support

Traditionally the hands and feet are hennaed but other parts of the body can be decorated to provide a stunning complement to an evening/prom dress or for other occasions and festivals. After application, the henna will need time to dry and then the design will be sealed to achieve the best possible color. You will receive full aftercare instructions and support if required.

Testing and evaluation

I care for my client satisfaction hence whatever ingredients, materials and procedures I use, I test first on myself first and make sure that they are fully safe and reliable. I do have my own little research and design lab where I perform regular test and experiment new designs. 

From child hood, painting was my passion which directs me to be an outstanding artist, who has skill and is full experience of graphical designing and painting. Being an Asian girl, henna designing was always a glorious and glamorous part of my tradition where I got attached to it naturally. I started doing henna designing from 1995 and professionally from 2004. I never really thought that I would be doing this professionally, but the satisfaction of my clients regularly telling me to perform better is what has inspired me to become one.
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