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General Questions

Henna is an all natural paste that is made from the leaves of the Henna (lawsonia Inermis) plant. The leaves of the plant contain a natural and very effective coloring pigment. When the leaves are dried and crushed into a powder, mixed with other natural ingredients like  lemon juice & eucalyptus oil, to create the henna paste that is used in temporary body art tattoos.

Henna dyes the upper layers of your skin using completely natural processes. Henna contains the lawsome molecule, which dyes organic matter like hair, skin, fingernails, and natural fibers. It takes time for the lawsome to bind with cells, so the henna paste must stay moist and in contact with the skin for as long as possible. Heat also makes the dye stain a darker, deeper color. Natural henna has only one color, that turned in to orange to brown color.

Once you have applied the henna design to the skin, you should leave it on there as long as possible (at least 4 hours or keep overnight). The longer you leave it on the skin, the darker the stain will be. Once the paste is dry in about 15 minutes, it will spray with lemon-sugar water on design to keep it on longer. If left alone, the henna paste will dry and start to crack & fall off in about 30 minutes after application. You can use a dry paper towel to rub the dry henna off & try not to wash your skin until one day or as long as possible. henna will process for 24 hours even it comes off. you can see the color difference, orange to red brown.

When you go for henna, try to wash & exfoliate your dead skin. Keep your skin without any kind of lotion or Spray Tan. Wear those kind of loose clothes that your henna can stay open & not get smudge.

Henna tattoos typically last 10 days – 2 weeks. The henna stains the upper layer of the skin and will fade naturally as the skin exfoliates. We recommend using an all natural balm on the tattoo when getting into the water to help the tattoo last longer. Additionally, staying out of the ocean and swimming pools will help the tattoo to last longer.

Henna is all natural and can be used on both children and pregnant women.

Henna stains the darkest on the areas of the skin that are thicker, so elbows down to hands and knees down to feet tend to be the darkest staining areas.

Since it stains the top layers of the skin, you can exfoliate with soap and a washcloth to speed up the process of natural skin exfoliation. It still may take a few days to completely disappear.

No. In English, there are no useful words to describe a henna stain ornamenting the skin, so henna designs are frequently called “henna tattoos”. Hennaed skin is not tattooed. Unlike a tattoo, henna only dyes the outermost layers of the skin. No needles are used. Henna is painted onto the surface of the skin. Having henna applied feels like having your skin decorated with pudding. The process is relaxing and pleasant. It is a little wet and cold – so it is most enjoyable to have done in the summer!

Results can vary for everyone and the color of skin doesn’t have much to do with that variance. The darkness of the stain can be affected by many things, such as body temperature, skin type, lifestyle, time of the month, etc. Two people can use the same henna paste, the same way, and end up with different results. This is due to the many factors that come into play when dealing with an all natural substance and is not the fault of the henna. If you didn’t achieve the results you had hoped for, try going over the design with a second application.

‘Black henna’ is not real henna. It is a chemical called PPD, which is found in hair dyes. Some people use this black hair dye on skin and call it ‘black henna’. Since real henna is made from the leaves of the henna plant, and naturally stains a reddish brown, there is no way for it to give a black stain. Black ‘henna’ is a very dangerous product. It can cause rashes, itches, burns, permanent scars, and liver damage among other things. It is unfortunately quite widely used in tourist spots on unsuspecting customers. Beware of black!

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